Established in 1985, North West Shelf Shipping Service Company Pty Ltd (NWSSSC) is the shipping adviser to International Gas Transportation Company Limited (IGTC), a Bermuda registered shipping company responsible for providing shipping LNG capacity to the North West Shelf Project participants.

Both IGTC and NWSSSC are equally owned by the North West Shelf Project participants: BP Developments Australia Pty Ltd, Chevron Australia Pty Ltd, Japan Australia LNG (MIMI) Pty Ltd, Shell Australia Pty Ltd and Woodside Energy Ltd.

Whilst IGTC is responsible for making key commercial decisions in relation to the North West Shelf Project's fleet of owned and time-chartered LNG vessels, NWSSSC provides advice and expertise to support IGTC in assuring the safe, environmentally responsible and reliable transportation of LNG from Australia's North West Shelf to long-term customers in the Asia Pacific region.