Safe and reliable shipping, the link between the North West Shelf Project and its foundation customers in the Asia Pacific region spanning 25 years.

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Latest News

January 2017 News

Excellence in Safe Operations

The start of 2017 marked a four million man hours injury free milestone achievement on the NWS Fleet. No seafarer or contractor was injured that resulted in restricted work time, lost time or requiring medical treatment beyond First Aid since November 2014. Also during the period there were five scheduled vessel refits carried out in Singapore with activities posing a higher risk to personal injury. Thank you to the seafarers and Allocated Operators of the NWS fleet; BP Shipping, Chevron Shipping and Shell Shipping. This is a tremendous achievement.

December 2016 News

Annual Safety Meeting

2016 concluded with the annual safety conference in Oita, supported by Kyushu Electric. Over 50 buyers and terminals were represented from across Japan. Productive dialogue focussed on safety initiatives and clearly identified challenges and actions for the year ahead.  A visit to Oita LNG terminal provided attendees with the opportunity to understand new terminal tsunami defence measures.  The 2017 safety conference will be hosted by Chugoku Electric in Hiroshima.

October 2016 News

Northwest Seaeagle at Joetsu

In early October the Northwest Seaeagle made her first call to Chubu Electric’s Joetsu terminal. We were pleased to arrange a gift exchange ceremony with the Terminal Management. Master and crew of the vessel participated in a ship-shore fire drill, simulating a manifold area fire and evacuation of the casualties. The drill included utilization of shore response teams and both ship and shore firefighting facilities. The exercise attracted attention from local dignitaries, government, media and other industry representatives 

April 2016 News

NWS Fleet Safety Performance

Northwest Sanderling successfully completed an incident free refit at Sembcorp Marine Singapore. NWS Shipping thank the Ship’s Crew and the Sembcorp Marine project team for their hard work, dedication and  commitment towards safety throughout the refit period. Since 2005 NWS Shipping and Sembcorp Marine have completed over  9 million man hours free of a lost time incident. An excellent achievement by all involved and a safety performance to be rightly proud of.

March 2016 News

Emergency Un-berthing Exercise

On 23 March 2016, NWSSSC achieved an important milestone by conducting its first emergency un-berthing exercise at a Japanese terminal. The NW Swan completed a successful drill at Sakai LNG terminal,  verifying simulated vessels performance.  The exercise was carried out safely and efficiently, confirming good cooperation by all parties. The exercise was witnessed by NWS Shipping General Manager Erick Weston and North Asia Manager Drago Pinteric.

January 2016 News

LNG Operations Safety Awareness  

NWS Shipping Tokyo team members recently attended the 23rd LNG Operations Safety Awareness week organised by Mitsubishi Cooperation. Over 200 industry members shared information on safety of navigation, shipping compliance, LNG as marine fuel and LNG STS operations. 

Engagement with key NWS Shipping stakeholders in Singapore has occurred focused on 2015 shipyard projects. This annual engagement seeks to identify best practices with an open dialogue about lessons learned and scene setting for another year of productive and safe dry dockings.

December 2015 News

Safety Milestone

Recently the North West Shelf (NWS) Project’s fleet completed a full year without a Lost Time Injury, a Medical Treatment Case or a Restricted Work Case.

Significant milestones like this, resulting in no harm to people can only be achieved through an outstanding and continuous commitment to safety by all those on board the vessels and by shore management.

The NWS Project congratulates all involved on this excellent achievement and wishes our seafarers  all the best for many more safe voyages.

November 2015 News

Northwest Snipe Refit

The Northwest Snipe recently completed a major refit at the Sembcorp Marine Admiralty Yard. The 55 day project was completed three days ahead of schedule with over 250,000 man hours worked and no injuries to personnel.

NWSSSC is proud of this achievement and would like to thank all the ship’s officers and crew, the shore side project management team and Sembcorp for all their hard work in providing  an injury free environment throughout the project.

October 2015 News

Annual Ship Shore Meeting

The annual Ship Shore meeting was held at Tohoku Electric, Sendai in September.  
All NWS Project Japanese LNG buyers, agents and many terminal representatives attended. NWSSSC presented on ship vetting, refits, port state control and Standardised Compatibility Confirmation List.





As the largest carrier of LNG from Australia to North Asia, North West Shelf Shipping has safely and reliably delivered LNG shipments from Australia's largest operating oil and gas resource development to the North West Shelf Project customers since 1989.